Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mayweather beats Mosley, money shames sugar

I just watched Mayweather vs. Mosley at the SM Cinema in Baguio. It was an impressive unanimous decision win for Money. It was a sour performance by Sugar. Shane upped his attack in the second round. He caught Money with a good punch that almost sent him down. In the third round, Money stepped up his offense. Shame had no counter-attack for the rest of the way. In the judges' cards, Shane won only the second round. When Money was asked if he's willing to bend on his demand for blood tests so the Pacquiao fight can materialize. He basically said no. After his impressive win over someone of took blood tests, he is on a higher ground to demand such tests.

I think Money shoots up to number one in the pound for pound ranking, overtaking Pacquiao. I don't see Pacman giving in to the blood test demands. Even if he loses in the elections, I don't think he'll fight Money.

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