Sunday, May 2, 2010

Iron Man 2 delivers

I liked Iron Man 2. My kids, Vito and Popoy liked it as well. Genius Tony Starks (Robert Downey, Jr.) has that arrogant streak that befuddles everyone around him, including his friends but more so his enemies, specially those who try to control him and compete with him in vain.

The movie is not boring because the battle scenes are not overly drawn, unlike Transformers 2. The producers did a good job interweaving possible future movies into the storyline. They first did that in the Incredible Hulk 2 where they dropped hints of Iron Man 2. This time they're effectively announcing an Avengers movie with Iron Man but without Tony Starks. How will that be? asked Tony himself in the film. I think in the Avengers movie they'll be showing Iron Man in full costume all the time. Most probably they'll be using another actor.
Midway in the movie, Agent Coulson said to Tony that he is being reassigned to Mexico. I thought that was too much info and that detail had no bearing in the movie. And they just wanted to give the actor some speaking lines. We left while the credits are rolling and Highway to Hell is blaring. Bad move. People say at the end of credits they showed Agent Coulton found Thor's hammer found in Mexico. This is a hint of a Thor movie. We missed that.
There are some forgivable flaws. For all his genius, Tony Stark did not provide Iron Man suits any security features. He could have made the Iron Man suits work only when he is wearing it, after all he said he is Iron Man. As it turned out, anybody who steps even in for the first time it can make full use of its weaponry and flight capability.
People who expect prolonged fight scenes may find the manner Iron Man defeats the antihero too short. But it's alright with me and my kids. It makes us look forward to the next one.

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