Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pickpocket victim 3x over

A funny thing happened on my way to the office today. I lost my cellphone and ID/access cards to pickpockets. I took the usual MRT ride to Recto and crossed Recto to board a jeepney to the office. This is the most efficient way. Kid Charlemagne (Steely Dan) was playing on my cellphone. During Larry Calrton's riff, the music suddenly stopped. Instinctively I grabbed the phone to check if the earphone got unplugged, only to find out that my bag's zipper was open and the phone gone.

Realization dawned on me - nadukutan ako. I checked what else is missing. My ID and office access cards are gone too. Na naman.

So my dear friends, if you get a text message from me starting 7:00am Thursday March 18, 2010 Manila time, please beware. I tell you it's not from me.

More twenty years ago, my pocket was picked while in a jeepney also along Tayuman. I found out when I was about to get off the jeep. I blurted "yung wallet ko?". Two passengers suddenly alighted and I noticed my wallet on the space where they were seated. I took my wallet and checked. The money's gone but I lost track of where the two went. Then around three years ago, in Mabini, also in a jeepney, I was again a victim. And again today.

The phone contained contact nos., pictures of my family, to-do list, saved passwords to email accounts and social networking sites. Now I have to find an Internet cafe to change passwords since my office blocks access to social networking sites. Whew!

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