Monday, March 22, 2010

Is the PBA for Noynoy?

Basketball and politics are two of the Filipino's favorite pasttimes. It is no surprise that the two often mix. Like some movie stars who used their fame as springboards into politics in the twilight of their careers, there are basketball stars who turn politicos after retiring from play.

There is now even a party-list group called PBA. I just don't know what marginalized sector of society they represent. Danding Cojuangco himself, who controls at least three teams in the PBA, ran for the presidency in 1998.

Today Purefoods and other players campaign for Noynoy. They are led by James Yap, who is the husband of Kris, who is sister of candidate Noynoy.
The import-laden conference started last night. But Purefoods won't be playing until maybe April 4. By then many teams have had played three games each. Is it because of some quirk in scheduling? Or is it to give Purefoods players time to recuperate after a tiring and injury-filled championship run? Or is it to give the players a chance to barnstorm the country in campaign sorties? While Danding is so far plays coy on who he is supporting, the PBA or the San Miguel league, seems to be supporting Noynoy.

The legions of fans are not complaining. Many are for Noynoy too.

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