Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Age of Stupid 4 meets Hopeless PAG-ASA VI

After Ondoy and Pepeng showed PAG-ASA's ineffectiveness, the weather bureau boldly predicted three days of good weather last Monday, October 12. And once again, it lived up to its reputation. By Tuesday, the strong rains are back and this afternoon, classes at UST are suspended because of the rains.

While climate change is to blame for the high volume of rain fall, PAG-ASA botched its job in predicting how much volume is going to fall so the dams can have preemptive releases. The sudden releases (no warnings) of water from the dams unnecessarily cost lives and property. This happened with Ondoy. And with Ondoy's horror still fresh on our minds, it happened again with Pepeng. How low can our hopes go.

Tessie Tomas' Amanda Pineda has more credibility than the clowns at PAG-ASA. And she's funny. Nilo Prisco and Nathaniel Cruz blunders would have been funny too, had their inefficiency not brought tragedies.

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