Tuesday, August 4, 2009

People power spirit is alive with Cory's death

Many political pundits declare that people power is dead or there is is people power fatigue among Filipinos. Well, that was not evident the past few days since Cory died. I think people power just needed a call from a truly credible person and many would have come. Sadly that one person, Cory, had died.

The video above shows the Cory procession at the Quirino-Roxas leg. The route that passed through EDSA, Ayala, Buendia, Quirino and Roxas Blvd took all of five hours. Many Filipinos did not mind the intermittent rains and hot sun just to see a glimpse of Cory magic. The photos below are also taken at the corner of Quirino and Roxas Blvd. The last photo is from Aljazeera news network.

Now that Filipinos discovered that people power is still in them, the little one in Malacanang better behave.

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