Friday, August 7, 2009

Mass media "kills" GMA; there might be a method to her madness

LOL!!! It seems like everyone can't wait for this to happen..... on TwitpicGMA has been president for too long that when some people say president they inadvertently say Arroyo afterward. If it's election time and you're a candidate, that's good. But if the people's reaction is it's as if they wish it to happen, then it's bad, election or not and candidate or not.

In the TV/radio broadcast of former President Cory's wake and burial several reporters have 'killed' GMA. But they recover in time and manage to correct themselves.

But recovery was not possible in the 'killing' of GMA by the Manila Bulletin, August 6 edition. The paper might have discovered a sure way to boost readership. They carelessly captioned a photo (shown here) -"with utmost care, military...moves the coffin of President Arroyo...". I think there is one proofreader looking for a new job by now.

The Internet version of ABS-CBNnews also managed to inflict cancer to GMA in its report dated July 24, 2009, a snap shot of which appears on the left. The website has not been corrected since.

Mistakes or wishful thinking?

There might actually be a method to GMA's madness in the recall of President Cory's security. We all know that the former president has been gravely sick. Her medical history was no secret, and even if it was, it is easy to get medical details. Remember GMA's boob job?

Malacanang surely knew that Cory's cancer has spread to her other organs and that she had just days to live. And being a former president, Cory is entitled to a state funeral that means means lying in state at the Palace. And the wake would mean throngs of people will troop to pay their respects. Malacanang can be sieged! So what can the taray queen do? Well something that will offend Cory's kin enough for them resent the government and thus reject a state funeral. Like withdraw the security perhaps?

So rightfully, the family rejected a state funeral which made GMA look bad. But GMA has a bad image anyway. And in the end, the thousands who paid their respects to Cory did so but not in Malacanang, where they could have had the naughty thoughts of reclaiming it.

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