Thursday, July 23, 2009

Netbooks ≠ Notebooks

I blogged more than a year ago that the netbook will not attract Pinoys. I was mildly wrong because it was still enjoed a mild success with many brands and versions available for the Pinoys. 

But netbooks are not notebooks. And with a few more bucks, consumers will be able to purchase a full-blooded notebook with more robust features they expect.

Last month in the US, they released a survey indicating that the consumer backlash against netbooks has already begun. They found that 60 percent of consumers who purchased a netbook thought they would have the same functionality as notebooks. That confusion lead to some dissatisfaction. Sixty percent of the people who purchased a netbook did so because of its portability, however, 60 percent of buyers never even took their netbooks out of the house.

Looking around the WiFi locales, one will see many people with low-cost notebooks (13+ in screens) instead of netbooks. I guess the netbooks comprise less than 1/5 of those PCs seen in cafes. But as I said above, netbooks enjoyed a mild success here. So maybe, they are used at home.

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