Friday, January 11, 2008

Why the Eee PC will not attract Pinoys

Eee PC
The Eee PC from Asus will not be as well received here locally as in the US. The product from the trusted motherboard manufacturer has been receiving rave reviews since its release. Locally selling at Php17,500, it is cheaper to get the Eec here than anywhere else. But why do I think this solid product, with specs just a shade under that of the smallest Fujitsu Lifebook and Toshiba Libretto but selling at 20%-25% of the price, won't be a big hit here?

For Php8,000 more you can get full-featured laptops (bigger screen, bigger harddisk) that won't make you squint. The US markets like the Eec because the package includes customized open-source operating system and office productivity suite. Locally, factoring in the price of Windows OS and Office suite on top of a regular laptop will set you back by another Php22,000. With software costing more than the laptop itself, a BSA-compliant laptop will cost at least Php47,000.

Savvy local users who have Php25,000 to spare can get a laptop that doesn't look like a low-cost Dvd player and still get the latest software by installing wares peddled by Capt. Hook's Penzance-based company. Between a Php17K(7in-screen-4GB disk) and a Php25K (14in-screen-60GB disk), you get more bang for the buck with one with illegal software. Many will risk BSA ire and get the latter. Only if we are as hard on piracy as they are in the West, then the Eec will have a chance here.

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