Sunday, June 28, 2009

David vs Gloria-wrath

I tweeted yesterday that I wish I was from Pampanga so I can vote for Randy David and deny Gloria a chance to re-enter politics. Some on Facebook liked it and wished the same. On twitter, some even want to transfer to Pampanga so they can actually vote for the professor. The response to David's intention to run is overwhelming. This early it should give an indication to Gloria that the people want her out. But the Palace factotums are determined to fight, they say it is a David vs. Goliath. If the morally and intellectually formidable opponent in Randy David gets Gloria's goat, then it's more like David vs. Gloria-wrath. The irony here is that Randy David stands tall and stately at all of six feet while Gloria is a 4'11" fishwife on heels.

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