Friday, June 26, 2009

Ammos for the gunless society campaign

Two gun recent gun related incidents should bolster the call for a gun-free society.

In Cavite, six people were killed in a shootout at a public market. Investigations show that the fight started from a petty traffic-related argument. The two drivers figured in a shouting match and threatened to kill each other. After a few minutes, armed backup from both camps arrived at the scene and they started shooting at each other. The patriarchs of the two camps died along with their sons.

In the other incident, a vacationing soldier died after being accidentally shot by his five-year-old son who was helping clean his gun in their home. The man sustained a gunshot wound on the left side of the body with the bullet exiting his right side, going through the front door and grazing his wife. The wife managed to rush the soldier to the hospital but he was declared dead on arrival.

Filipinos have an increasing passion for guns. Notice the many gun shops proliferating. Notice the many Pro-gun stickers. Advocates of a gunless society should be up in arms (figuratively, of course) against this development. If owning cannot be stopped by law, we should shoot for steps to promote responsible ownership.

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