Tuesday, February 21, 2012

House MD, the best show ever?

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Everybody lies.

It has been long speculated that season 8 will be the last for House. Many saw it coming after so-so episodes in the last 2 seasons. I think the show peaked at season 4, plateaued for a season or two, then it was a slow downhill ride.

The start of season 8 showed great promise primarily because of the anticipation. Die-hard fans simply missed the show despite the previous season.

Season 8 should be special for Filipinos because one of the new doctors has Filipino blood (the actor actually has Filipino roots). Cebu was briefly mentioned in one of the episodes and they referred to Manny Pacquiao in another.

But suddenly, instead of going through the motions in ending the series, the show had outstanding back-to-back episodes (episode 11 & 12). For House newbies, episode 11 shows the kind of character that House is. He is weird but his teammates stand by him. He fights authority but he always wins. He plays pranks, oozes with sarcasm, disses his team, but makes everybody else better. He is indifferent but is actually caring. Not a very good role model but easy to idolize.

The follow up episode (#12) is a nice follow up. Episode 13 is a mild letdown. But hopes are high that the series will really end up on a high note. And of course House die-hards wish for another season, despite the Fox's pronouncement that this will be the last.

We hope Fox is lying. Everybody lies, don't they?


  1. I agree completely!! This is best show on tv. Love to watch House episodes and never missed any episode..

    1. and the good news and what got my interest is their new filipino doctors in one episode....

  2. Yes indeed. It surpases M*A*S*H in its insightfulness of the human condition.



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