Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Manny Pacquiao deified

pacquiao, mosley, fight vs. povertyWhat Manny Pacquaio wants, Manny Pacquiao gets.

When PacMan demanded yellow gloves for the Mosley fight, yellow gloves he got, even if traditionally only black or red gloves are used. He also requested his fans to wear yellow to support what he calls the biggest fight of his life - the fight to eradicate poverty. And us fans wore yellow alright as requested.

Ironically, PacMan's declaration of war against poverty came at the heels of the news that he is now the wealthiest lawmaker in the country and the news (yes, it made news) of Mommy Dionisia's request for a multi-million peso designer bag. And with the U$25M earnings this time, he has undoubtedly won his fight against his own poverty many times over.

PacMan should have pounded on Shane to drive home several points. One is that his new metaphorical weapons, the yellow gloves, are effective. The second point is that he is more effective in beating fighters that Mayweather has also beaten.

The metaphor was lost in this fight. The soon-to-be-40 veteran Mosley was clearly overmatched against PacMan. It was a shame mostly, is how many describe Sugar's performance in the sweet science of boxing that led fans to bitterly boo on occasions. If PacMan is to fight Filipino poverty like he fought Mosley, many will be unsatisfied with the end result. Pacman was too chummy with the opponent that they spent more time giving high fives than exchanging blows. While it can be said that Sugar shamed mostly himself, Pac could have pressed on more. Statistics show that he threw fewer punches here than in previous bouts. Pac landed only 727 punches in this fight compare to the more than 1,200 in Clottey and more than 1,000 vs Margarito.

Is this a sign that PacMan might be slowing down? Thoughts like these are heresies to Pac diehards. They refuse to admit that it is possible at all, even when most athletes peak at 30 and start a downhill decline after that.

The omnipresent PacMan is at the forefront of many things. He sings, he acts, he guests at talk shows, he endorses products, he has numerous business interests, he parties, he plays ball, he is a politician. He is everywhere, revered by all.

When he gets angry, people tremble. Kenny Bayless, the referee that has umpired Pac fights the most number of times, may have done his last Pac fight when he erred in calling a Pac knockdown. He immediately apologized to Pac when there was no need to do so. The ringside judges were so in awe of Pac despite the lackluster fight that they disregarded the knockdown ruling. In any other occasion, a knockdown merits at least a 10-8 score. As indicated by the scores, one judge gave a only score of 10-9 for Mosley, while the two others still gave 10-9 to PacMan.

PacMan can do no wrong.

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  1. What i have to say is that we can never judge him, after all its his money, his entitled to buy everything he wants using the money he worked hard for. let's just support him in his campaign against poverty.



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