Saturday, February 12, 2011

White hair chronicles XXXIX - Mubarak, from hero to heel in a generation

I was still in school when Egypt's Hosni Mubarak swooped into power after Sadat's assassination. Like a rock, Mubarak, has not moved from that position for close to thirty years now. In 1986, a few years after Sadat's sad death, we toppled our own immovable rock. We'll be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the event that inspired many other peaceful revolutions including this one in Egypt that removed a rock.

Back in those days, Mubarak, a war hero in his own right, heroically kept the peace that Sadat pursued. Mubarak's strong rule tactics maintained the peace. And in so doing, his nation and the world tolerated his clinging on to power.

The immovable rock eventually gave way to the irresistible force. We don't know if Barack told Mubarak to move like when they asked Marcos to cut and cut cleanly a generation ago.

Back then my niece was born. This year, she is about to become a mother herself. From hero to heel in a generation.

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