Friday, February 11, 2011

From Hello Angie to Hero Angie?

I got your back, Ma'am
For whatever his reason might be, Angelo Reyes' suicide should not make him a hero. He was a hero alright in his stint in the military For that alone he should be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. But please don't make him a hero for stalling the corruption investigations.

Those playing the sympathy card now in the light of the corruption investigations are doing the nation a disservice. Reyes deserved his day in court, they say. But he didn't want it. He didn't want to be investigated. In fact, he tried to stop the investigation by filing charges against the senators. He was asked to attend another hearing on that fateful date. But he begged off, only to take his own life.

When accused of receiving pabaon (send off money), all he could say to his accuser was "Ako ba'y naging ganid? Ako ba ay suwapang?", as if reminding his accuser that he shared the loot generously. That to many is a tacit admission.

If the investigations stop, his death makes him a hero only to the masterminds and beneficiaries of the corrupt system. Ironically, he will be a true hero if we ferret out the truth and cleanse the entire system in the course of the investigation and the ensuing legislation. I don't have problems with that.


  1. F! can you do what General Reyes did. You hypocrite. Why are the pork barrels of congressman and senators were just ok for you? Galing sa tax din natin yan ah.

  2. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Oo nga...bakit naging hero si angie reyes? actually nung pinapakinggan namin sa radio yung investigation ng senate..napupunta na sa asawa ni angelo reyes ang mga evidence na hawak ng senado...(alam nyo naman siguro kung anu-ano iyon?) kinabukasan nag suicide na itong si angie reyes, and was given an heroes burial??? natatawa na lang kami ng tatay ko....

    sa aking opinion...wala ng choice si angie..wala na siyang malusutan, buking na eh...iniwan na siya sa ere ni pandak...kaya ang ginawa nya Honorable Suicide. Bago masira ng husto ang pagkatao nya inunahan nya na and look what happened naging hero pa siya....(sabi nila)



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