Saturday, December 4, 2010

White hair chronicles XXXVII - Kenkoy

The Facebook campaign to change one's profile picture to a cartoon character from his childhood caught on among many of my FB pals. The campaign says it is an invasion of memories and aims to stop violence against children. Though I still don't know how that helps, I changed my profile picture to Kenkoy.

I remember Kenkoy from Liwayway magazine back in my grade shool days. Today not many knows who he is. Perhaps even some remember Kenkoy as the character in Mike Hanopol's Mr. Kenkoy. But Kenkoy came way before that. In Pinoy idiom kenkoy connotes a funny man.

Turning to the trusty web for the roots of Kenkoy, we stumble to this blog. The blog says Kenkoy "was a debonnair, bombastic, irreverent, hilarious, and best-loved ... "' Kenkoy's outfit kept up with the times but his trademark hairstyle, slicked back and reflecting a four-paneled window, remained. I think Kenkoy best personifies Juan dela Cruz.

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