Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Biggest jackpot won

Finally, the biggest lotto jackpot has been won! A lone bettor placed a bet on the 6 winning numbers and won more than 3 quarters of a billion pesos. Wow! That will make someone extremely happy while disappointing millions who now have their dreams of winning shot down. Many people have lost a small fortune chasing down that jackpot

Malacanan's decision to take back control of the PCSO is right, considering the legalities around it. But I think it was ill-timed. They should have waited for the jackpot to be won. In the previous administration, whenever a big jackpot was won, many people believe that the Palace had a hand in it. This time will not be different.

I contributed largely to the pot. I won some but I bet some more. I also churned out lots of statistics on the winning numbers. I will post them later.

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