Friday, August 20, 2010

Papogi points

PNoy scored many pogi points when he exposed the excessive pay of GMA appointees to a government corporation. He went on to ask them to resign. Now PNoy allies in the circus called the senate similarly want to score pogi points by shaking down other executives of government financial institutions. Led by chief clown Drilon, the senate questions the perks and privileges of the Bangko Sentral's Monetary Board. I would understand the questioning if Drilon was in Mars the past 20 years. But he has been around the political/government scene since I can remember. How can he not know about these perks? Why the fuss only now? Papogi points.

I agree there is imbalance in the government pay scale, much more so for the line bureaus. But the so called perks and privileges of some agencies have been there for so long. Taking them away will be a loss to those enjoying them. Increasing the low pays of the others will be more Pareto optimal. Increasing the welfare of many need not involve decreasing the welfare of others.

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