Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Marcos legacy

Two news items that hogged the limelight recently can be attributed to the Marcos legacy that GMA tried to perpetuate for herself. One news item is that of the publicity seeking military general who aired his gripes in the media. He ranted on radio and TV about his 'demotion' and repeatedly talked cryptically as if threatening of something. Kasalanan ni Marcos iyan. Marcos spoiled the military. Since then, the uniformed guys have their more than enough share of public tantrums. GMA coddled the military too, thus we have this anky-panky general. It's a good thing that PNoy stood firmly on the issue.

The other news item is about Kris's marriage. Had Ninoy not died, Kris would have had a father doting on her and guiding her in her teenage years. But with a tragic death like that of Ninoy's, the public wave of sympathy buoyed Cory to the presidency. That wave lead the nation to tolerate Kris's antics. After all she is a hero's daughter. The least we could do, in gratitude, is to put up with her idiosyncracies. Kawawa naman, eh. Kris masterfully rode on that for years. So the way Kris is acting now is kasalanan ni Marcos yan!

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