Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things Pinoy in Hollywood movies

I watched some DVDs over the weekend and I found some curious references to Filipino things. In the movie Kick-Ass, a character named Hitgirl brandished a balisong. She deftly played with it like a Pinoy thug in those FPJ movies. Her father in the movie, played by Nicholas Cage, gave it to her as a present. She said "it's a... Filipino..."

In the movie Grownups, Rob Schneider, a part Filipino in real life, played a character with long brushed up hair ala the Fonz. His friends call him a "Filipino midget Fonzie".

And in the Denzel Washington starrer Book of Eli, the fight scenes looked very much like arnis fighting with blades/swords (eskrimahan). Word is out that a Filipino trained Denzel in the art of kali fighting.

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