Thursday, June 10, 2010

Glee finale nails it

The first installment of the back nine episodes of Glee season 1 was great. I raved about it in an earlier post. But the succeeding episodes were to me a letdown, perhaps because I had expected too much. I just consoled myself that the producers were setting us up for a grand finale. We know that a season 2 was ordered so I anticipated the New Directions to win regionals. It was the condition set for the glee club program to continue. Season 2 could then be their road to state championships.

But the show producers found a way to inject more drama than I anticipated. That's why they are creative series producers and I am a civil servant. They simply have a way to make shows like this interesting. The New Directions sang a medley of Journey songs in the regionals. Vocal Adrenaline (particularly Jesse) did a solid Bohemian Rhapsody version while Quinn delivered her baby. The Queen classic became a child birth metaphor.

Josh Groban and Olivia Newton John were two of the celebrity judges along with Sue Sylvester. In a plot twist, Sue was the only judge who voted for New Directions to win. Josh and Olivia pounded on New Directions in a comical way. The New Directions lost but they still got another year to prove themselves.

The final episode nails it. It more than makes up for the boring, crammed-up episodes 15-21. With it, the New Directions and the series deserve another run.

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