Friday, February 26, 2010

Who do we trust?

A survey says Villar is the most trusted presidential bet. We have to take into account that the (Villar commissioned?) survey was held just before the C5 controversy boiled over. I'm sure his trust ranking plummeted after that cowardly denial of his wrongdoing. I'm curious how his trust rating stands now after Winnie Monsod exposed his culpability in clear and simple terms.

Meanwhile, Noynoy is among the most trusted Filipino in an independent survey by the Reader's Digest. He was bested only by non-politicians Rosa Rosal, Lea Salonga, Jessica Soho and Tony Meloto. Noynoy is the top politician in the survey done late last year. Villar is in 60th place in the list of 80 influential Filipino personalities ranked based upon the public’s perceived trustworthiness. Rounding out the bottom are GMA, Erap, and Hayden Kho.

Many different survey results are being flaunted by the different camps. Who among the survey firms do we trust? One statistic I trust is that 83% of all statistics is made up, including this one.

But who among the candidates do we trust, really? I don't trust the unnaturally-jet-black hair and the botox-filled face of the one with C5 at taga.


  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Your below the belt style dovetails with the strategy of a presidential aspirant that is quickly losing points when people put him under the microscope. I don't buy surveys, and I don't let candidates fool me by their demagoguery. I don't like MV either but I have low regards for people who espouse talangka philosophy. Can we raise level of campaigning?

  2. Anon, calling one botox-filled is hardly below the belt nor talangka thinking. MV had the chances to defend himself in the senate but he chose to walk away. I think we both like the fact that MV, who you profess to dislike, agreed to debate with Noy. ;)



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