Monday, February 1, 2010

Villar benefited tremendously from C5

Prof. Winnie Monsod's Inquirer column last Jan. 30 objectively looks at the C5 anomaly using official documents available. Her conclusion:
"Villar benefited tremendously from the second project."
In a Q&A form, the column asks what is the involvement of Villar in CX-5 and LPPLP? Sen. Villar conceptualized and funded the CX-5 Project. Villar also had insertions and amendments to his pork barrel CX-5 and LPPLP. He also proposed amendments to the 2008 budget, including a P400-million appropriation for the CX-5.

She also asks were the Villar properties bought for road right-of-way overpriced? Her findings: The Villar/related properties has weighted average of P7,168/sqm while non-Villar properties cost P1,880/sqm.

So why is Dolphy vouching for Villar's integrity? He is a comedian. He is joking, right?

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  1. I hate that guy. I hate him for pulling out the sympathy card in his bunch of half a million pesos worth of ads. I'd be damned if he becomes the "face" so to speak of the Philippines. Oh, if only people here were properly educated...!



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