Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do they know it's Christmas?

In 1984, proving that they are the music trailblazers, popular British singers grouped together as Band Aid and recorded "Do they know it's Christmas?" to raise money for famine relief in Africa. It was a huge success. Their American counterparts copied the act in their over the top "We are the world" recording.

There was another Band Aid effort in 1989 and also a bigger one in 2004 to mark the 20th anniversary of the original. But the first will always be the best.

It's been 25 years hence. A lot has changed since then. Bob Geldof is now a white haired Knight. Simon LeBon and Tony Hadley put on a lot of weight. Bono went on to further greatness. Boy George fell from grace. But the message still rings true.

Let them the know it's Christmas time.

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