Wednesday, November 25, 2009

White hair chronicles XVIII - Longevity calculators

Kids ask darn questions. My son Popoy asked me last night who will cut his hair when our barber dies. Our barber is a gray haired guy and to my son, he looks to be a rather old man. It seems he still cannot get over the thought that people die. When I told him that our barber is not that old and is not about to die soon, Popoy's next question was "at what age do people die?"

Late last year I stumbled upon a website that calculates the age of death. You are asked a series of questions about your lifestyle and habits. Just to check how well it does, I entered my dead father's birthday and answered some the questions about his health history. The result was uncannily precise almost to the month.  It said "your time has expired". It said the day of death is June 2007. My father died in March 2007.

I have forgotten what the website was. Googling "death clock" and related terms produced many life span calculators. These ones asked less questions. I decided to try several of them for fun. My results - I may live up to 96 years old!

I'm not sure Popoy will be relieved to know that. He might be more terrified to know that he'll put up with me for 48 more years.

My expected age at death

MoneyCentral’s calculator

Northwestern Mutual Longevity Game

AARP Vitality Compass

Northwestern Mutual Life’s Lifespan Calculator

Life Calculator


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