Saturday, November 21, 2009

Manny, Please stay good 3

Manny Pacquiao arrived to a hero's welcome in Manila. He was given yet another award by the GMA. This time he was conferred the rank of Datu, a fine addition to his plenty of datungs.

Manny and wife Jinkee kissed in front of the media after their arrival. They evaded the Krista affair issue. Jinkee said she cried during the homily because she missed their children. Anyway - Jinkee 1, Krista 0.

Manny was photographed with his father and mother. Himself a product of broken family, Manny seem to have taken steps to keep his intact. I hope he als takes steps to wean himself away from traditional politicians, jueteng lords, and other bad influences.

Manny thanked his fans at the mass in Quiapo church. He acknowledged God as the source of his strength. He said he owes his success to God. He affirms his complete faith. "Lagi kong pinasasalamatan ang Panginoon na ang mga Pilipino ang napili na makagawa ng hisory sa boxing. At sana maging inspirasyon sa lahat, hindi ko sinasabi na ako idolohin niyo ako, idolohin niyo... ang gusto ko idolohin niyong lahat, ang pagiging madasalin at pagtitiwala ko sa Panginoon."

He wants people to emulate his piety and faith in the Lord. That's more reason for him to stay good.

As his commercial says, now you know.

Photos from Yahoo Sports.

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