Monday, November 16, 2009

Congrats Manny! Please stay good.

Congratulations Manny!

I watched the fight at a theater and unlike the previous PacMan fights I watched, the crowd was more relaxed all throughout. Perhaps it was because of the boring undercard. Or maybe it was because you were the 3-1 favorite. In the dela Hoya fight where you were the underdog, there was a nervous air. And unlike the Marquez fight, the audience was not taunting the opponent. It's as if we (and it seemed you yourself too) didn't want you to finish Cotto off brutally.

Part of it is because Cotto is a nice guy. If it were Marquez or dela Hoya, we could have been shouting for more blood. "Go for the kill!". But not Miguel. He briefly protested the stoppage, but in all class promptly congratulated the victor.

So for a brief while, you once again made Filipinos proud. The best fighter of our era is a Filipino. You erase the world notion of the Philippines as a nation of DHs, or a country of crooks. You are the face of the Filipino now. With your continued success, we will be respected as a country of God-fearing, humble, hardworking winners.

Your skills, humility, generosity, success, and focus are all well worthy of emulation. You are a good role model for the young. When you fight, crime stops. War stops.

So not only for your sake, but also for the the sake of the country that is now looking up to you, I hope you stay clean, humble, and away from devil's temptations. One's astounding success does not grant one the license to do anything he desires. You may have a child from an extra-marital affair when you were just starting to ascend the boxing glory. That one time transgression can be forgiven. You must have learned many lessons from that episode.

Manny, please stay away from those seducing young, nubile starlets. You have a lovely family. Please stay away from dirty, shady politicians who want to ride on your success. They can never win on any national election on their own. The need you, you don't need them. You don't need jueteng money. Your province doesn't need jueteng.

I'm sure your WaPakMan superhero character knows that great power comes with great responsibility. I know you know that too. The whole country is looking up to you.

Please stay good.

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