Saturday, July 4, 2009

My new criteria for choosing the next president

Why is it that all Philippine presidents, from Marcos to GMA, have children that cheapen themselves by joining showbiz?

In my youth, we had Imee Marcos. She was a TV and movie executive. She also tried theater acting. She was quite good, according to the controlled media. Was she really any good? If it's any indication, it must be pointed out that she's not making a living from showbiz.

Cory deposed Marcos, and in the process tossed Kris Aquino to the limelight. Kris is the quintessential trying hard showbiz wannabe. She threw away all class to appear with Rene Requiestas in Pido Dida movies where the characters are based on the comics Fido Dido. The cartoon character was created to make other people feel comfortable, but we never felt comfortable with Kris' acting. Thankfully she seemed to have found her niche as a gameshow host. But she's still all over the airwaves via CDs of her music, her showbiz talkshow, and commercials. Now she's making her son, less than 2 years old(?), the youngest Filipino with a music album.

Fidel Ramos. At first I thought Imee and Kris could learn some finesse from Ramos' daughters until Jo Ramos followed her predecessors and insinuated herself on showbiz by embarking on a singing career. He also married actor Lloyd Samartino. In the middle of her father's term, and we are again reminded of Michael Jackson's death, Jo Ramos lobbied to be the front act of Michael's 1996 concert here.

Then Joseph Estrada was swept into the presidency. We all know that the pudgy Jinggoy is not actor material but they were still able to cast him in lead roles. He won an acting award recently, but he's getting better press with his performance at the Senate.

Then Gloria Arroyo took over Erap, and to prove that the presidency emboldens one's kids to enter showbiz, Mikey Arroyo inflicted himself upon us. He appeared in such forgettable comedies that make watching paint dry less boring.

Now that elections are just around the corner, we may have another presidential offspring that will invade showbiz. If we want a stop to that, given the collective lack of talent of the previous ones, we should elect a childless candidate. Who might that be? A possibility would be Fr. Emong Panlilio. He's a priest. He should not have any children. Another possibility would be Mar Roxas. He's still single. Even if he ties the knot this year, I doubt if he will have a child anytime soon.

So if you're having a hard time taking your pick among the many presidentiables, you may want to consider the aforementioned criteria. That might just save our country.


  1. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Mar has a child with another woman -- a former beauty queen. The child (a boy) got interviewed during the pamamanhikan of Mar to Korina.

  2. That leaves us with Among Ed. But he's a Father, right? (grin)

  3. isusulong ko sana si Eddie Gil, kaso naalala ko sumali nga pala yung anak niya dati sa starstruck.

    At kumanta ng...

    "hello, mama.
    hello, papa!"



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