Saturday, May 23, 2009

Swine flu victims, or how Pinoys manage to find humor in sex scandals

Trust the Pinoy to find humor in everything. Psychologists say that it is one of our coping mechanism. So in the current talk of the nation, we expect jokes, puns , and play on words, to surface over the hurricane of a scandal that hit Katrina. Some of the ones I heard lately:
  1. The videos were taken by a hayden kho-mera (hidden camera). 
  2. The female star will change her name to Katina Halinghing.
  3. One episode's apt title is "Ang Aircon", because the camera focused on the aircon and not on the lovers.
  4. The first Pinoy victims of the swine flu are Katrina and Maricar, kasi binaboy sila.
  5. The Vicky episode features a Belo-job.
  6. If Maricar loses acting jobs because of the scandal, she can always be a racehorse jockey, she rides well, magaling mangabayo.

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  1. Anonymous5:24 PM

    iba ka talaga Fr. Very Huge. kahit lolo ka na malufet ka pa rin. - mikel lim panopio



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