Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sex video scandal: who has the means, motive, opportunity?

As fans of TV crime dramas like CSI and Cold Case, some people have their own conclusions on who the guilty parties are in the current sex video scandal that grips the nation. The victims here are the women who were filmed without their consent. Efforts to portray the one who setup the hidden camera also as a victim just wouldn't fly. It all started with him. Remember that the crime here is not him being seduced by the women, nor them offering him drugs. The crimes are the videotaping and the subsequent release to the Internet.

The crime of unauthorized videotaping is solved with the admission by the culprit. The crime of uploading to the Internet can be solved by following the methods of our TV crime drama detectives, my armchair detective friends say. First who has the means? With today's Internet tools, anybody can easily upload anything to the Internet. Who then had access to the videos? The one who made them, of course. But he had them for a while. Some videos were two years old. Why didn't he upload them then? He always has the opportunity, I suppose, but he doesn't have a motive, so far.

Who else then have access to the videos? Pamela Anderson's and the other notorious sex scandals were stolen. The videos (and computers) in question now were not reported stolen. They were retrieved by the doctor-lover of the lover-doctor. Ahh, so she had the videos. Means? Didn't I tell you it's easy to upload anything to the Internet, much more so if you have techie-friends. Opportunity? May I remind you that between the retrieval last December up to the release, was 5 months of planning and opportunity.

Motive? Imagine this dialog:
Witch Doctor: You two (four?) timing snake, how could you betray me? After the Php300k allowance and car and European trips?
Hidden Komeraman: They drugged me. But forget that, I will make you happy. Besides, I have a video of us too.
Witch Doctor: Ohh, please don't leak it. I don't want to be a model for prunes. Besides, you're the only one who can make me happy. I forgive you. I'll deal with them in my own way!
Hidden Komeraman: I know you can't resist me.
So what happens next? The lady doctor changed her lawyer. From a pock-marked brilliant trial lawyer to a TV-friendly-faced brilliant academician lawyer. Preparing for the media in the long haul? If there was also a video with the lady doctor, why wasn't it leaked like the others? If there was also a video with a comedienne, why wasn't it leaked, too? Because they can control what leaks, and the comedienne supposedly enjoys the protection of really big people. Then they contrive a story of retrieving the computer and asking others to delete the videos. Introducing other people in the scenario affords the couple reasonable doubt. Then divert the story by alleging drug use to the victim. This wouldn't fly either because that would imply drug use in the other videos including the one with the lady doctor. So they try to make the doctor look hapless and pitiable by dousing him with water. Meanwhile the lady doctor flees. Even if others regard flight as guilt.

With all the obfuscation and media machinations, the public will get tired of this whole show. But the victims remain victims. People can imagine the lady doctor having the last laugh - 'I told you when a guy already has a girlfriend, don't go in there and try to have sex with him.'. Then the doctor makes love to a prune. Hahahaha.

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