Saturday, May 9, 2009

HBO man tells Manny to pray at the corner

Just moments after knocking out Ricky Hatton, the jubilant Manny Pacquiao was being mobbed by his own corner men, when an HBO crew pointed him the corner. Manny caught the eye of the crew man and he proceeded to kneel and pray at the designated corner. The man is seen at the bottom right of the screen caps. Imagine, HBO reminds Manny to pray. It makes good, intense, compact drama. The short clip below captures the scene.

Meanwhile, Martin Nievera is still facing negative criticism over his version of the national anthem. His version is not only bad, but his haughty demeanor over the criticisms leaves him no sympathizers. Even the lawyers who defend his artisitc and constitutional rights maintain that the singing was in bad taste. Now it turns out that his ear piece was not even appropriate, the read and blue sides were wrong. What can we expect? Martin is half-American, so his version is half-right.

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