Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy nostalgia

We experience nostalgia more as we age. Invariably, we long for our childhood memories and those who relocated have strong feelings of homesickness. Sometimes nostalgia is triggered by discontent by present situation. Nostalgia provides a sense of comfort for stressed-out adults. That is why folks today fondly remember martial law as if life was easier then. It just shows how bad life has turned under GMA. 

Sometimes nostalgia can be painful. Psychologists say that painful nostalgia can often be addressed by planning a visit to a childhood hometown. The power of knowing you can revisit parts of your past can help to lessen the pain. Feelings of nostalgia are normal and healthy, but making a conscious effort to live in the past is not.

My elementary school batchmates are planning a reunion, some 35+ years after we last saw each other. I am sure all of us are nostalgically happy, gauging by the posts in our e-group. We will not be living in the past. We just want to see each other again. Whatever childish problems or petty rivalries or healthy competition we had before in our youth, and later in life, should not get in the way of the chance of being happy again with each other's company.

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