Monday, April 27, 2009

NBA predictions

I am busy this week watching the NBA first round playoffs, among other stuff. With the Suns out of it all, I was rooting for the Celtics to win again but with The Big Ticket sidelined for the playoffs I switched allegiance to the Cavs.

I am still anti-Kobe though I still predict a Lakers-Cavs finale. The Lakers are the heavy favorites in the West. Kobe is playing a much controlled game. Perhaps he is put on a leash by Phil Jackson, to preserve him for the final push where he his pent-up desire to take over the game will be unleashed. Or perhaps, he is not that young anymore. There is a better chance for the West teams to upset their top seed than for the East teams. The Nuggets, barring another post-season bad luck for George Karl, stands the best chance. They are followed by the Mava snd the Rockets. The greatest thing going for the Lakers is that they are all healthy at this time. Tex Winter suffered a stroke but expect Phil Jackson to make that a rallying point.

In the East, the Celtics cannot ride on emotions to make it all the way. I believe emotions can only sustain the charge for only three games max, after which, the body will not respond and the other team's pride and emotion will in turn carry them through. So emotions can carry the Celts, net of Garnett and Powe-less, past the young Bulls but they will be tested to the hilt and further weakened by the second round. The Cavs on the other hand are healthy with the King James not even in his primest.

The expected Lakers-Cavs setto is very evenly matched. The Cavs cannot be trumped in the forward position with King James on their side. The middle decidedly goes to the Lakers with Gasol, Bynum, Odom. The guard position again goes to the Lakers. The coaching, too, shows advantage for the Lakers with Phil's nine rings waiting for the tenth so each finger will have one. So in the Lakers-Cavs finals, the Lakers will be the heavy favorites. But I am still rooting for the Cavs. Because I am anti-Kobe.

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