Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nadal's wedgie is his lucky charm

I knew it. I knew that Rafa's equal-to-double-marathon semifinal win will serve him in good stead in the finals. I also knew that Roger's easy semifinal drubbing of Roddick is not the best way to prepare for the championship. I also thought that tonight's game will be anticlimactic. It wasn't. It had enough drama and it also affirmed Rafa's status as no. 1.

Nadal has definitely matured a lot. He is poised to stay as no. 1 for a long time. Federer's hopes of matching Sampras' record lies on him not facing Nadal in the finals. For Nadal is simply tougher mentally. He wills himself to win. Roger is simply too cool and emotionless. He needs to show more angst if not 'angas'.

He needs to be hungry again.

I believe that what gets Rafa ever on the edge is his perpetual wedgie. He is obviously uncomfortable with it, orever adjusting it. The process keeps him on his toes, not giving him time to relax. His wedgie keeps him on the move.

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