Friday, January 30, 2009

Australian Open

San Miguel Beer is not fighting for the crown, something that is sadly consistent with Siot at the helm. The Phoenix Suns lost to contrapelo Spurs. My favorite teams are again losers. So I turn to tennis for that sports watching thrill. I was rooting for Verdasco (who he? against Rafa) because I want the Fed to have an easy road to matching Pete's record. I was watching a live streaming feed at the office because I had to stay late due to bureaucratic wisdom (an oxymoron). I did not mind the wait for some minor functionaries to do their job because the match was close and interesting.

The match was still on by the time I got home. Rafa by then was ahead 2 sets to 1. After my dinner, Verdaso has managed to even up at 2 sets apiece. The match has been on for over 5 hours. It is a classic for the ages. Just when Rafa seemed to be shade tougher, Verdaso took risks with some magic shots to pull even. Verdasco, seeded 14th, took chances to hold serve although it was apparent that Rafa had an easier time to hold his own.

The tennis world better be ready for Verdasco. He is strong and mentally tough, something that Novak the Joke is proving he is not. But then Rafa did not get to be the world's number one for nothing. He is unrattled, he was more bothered by the perpetual wedgie he got. I wonder why he does not switch to more conventional tennis shorts. In the end, I think Verdaso produced more winners but also had more unforced errors. He had 2 double faults in the last game and the last one cost him the match. It was a brilliant, nerve wracking match. It is unfortunate that somebody has to win. This classic will undoubtedly toughen up the two even more. Rafa will recover physically in time for Sunday's finals. He will be much tougher after facing through adversity and winning.

I now doubt the Fed's chances to catch up with Pete's record but I will still be rooting for him this Sunday. After this 5-set thriller the championship game can be anticlimactic.

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