Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to everyone!

2008 is almost over...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 2008 is almost over and this is the first time that my website gets updated after more than 365 days. The previous update was before Christmas last year yet. Since then, free web hosting service where I keep my resume/CV has discontinued its freebie operations. The free URL redirection service which I use was also down for a while. The service is back and my account surprisingly is still intact but my CV pages are irretrievably lost. Sigh! Anyway, I acquired this domain name and some web space more than a year ago because I planned to do away with some of the free stuff. I am starting to do that now.

Yet, I am still using some of the freebies available out there. I use Picasa, Photobucket, and Flickr. I still have my Gmail and Yahoo accounts. I still have my rarely updated blogspot. These, along with Youtube, are the old reliables. Their servers are still faster than the ordinary webhosting services. Hooray for these free services!

I will be porting this site to Joomla.Perhaps I will move my blog to wordpress. Study Ruby on Rails. All on hugotheboss.com.

Why hugotheboss.com?
  • My co-workers from way back (CPM/DOS days) will remember that I called myself the Boss. Not because I was a boss but because I am a Springsteen fan. Then Hugo Boss products started to do well locally. I thought Perry the Boss has a nice brash ring to it.
  • Of course the domain name hugoboss.com and its variations are not available anymore. And I could not afford to buy hugoboss.net or other variants from them. But hugotheboss.com is available and I grabbed it before they can get it.
  • I also acquired some substantial webspace and bandwidth last year so I can play around with some of the more interesting web-related stuff. This is my sandbox. Bureautocracy does not allow me to tinker with work servers even if it's all legit.
  • This will be my portal site. No more redirects or tiny urls. But still, much of the photos and videos are stored on the free multimedia service hosts. Only the html pages and incidental graphics for the banners are here on the server. In fact the whole site will fit on a standard 1.44mb diskette.

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