Thursday, December 8, 2005

PLAK! Pera lang ang katapat.

Questions: Why would a Comelec Commissioner and a Shariah Court judge allow themselves to be ridiculed by a neophyte senator who himself has been accused of graft? Why would people lie outright on national TV? What self-respect will be left to those who are caught lying and continue to prevaricate? Why are they willing to be subjected to public humiliation because they are caught cheating, lying and abusing their given authority? Why do they continue to cover-up for a cheater, liar, stealer? Why would people decry the present government, only to make a complete turn-around? Remember Mahusay? Mahusay ang pagkagawa!

One simple answer: PLAK. Pera Lang ang Katapat. Some other people have discovered how much the Commissioner and Judge cost, and have paid them accordingly. Everybody in Philippine politics can be labeled as either "sold" or "for sale". Almost no exception, especially those 50 years and above. We see bright, articulate young men on TV, but it's easy to label them as "sold". Mike Defensor comes to mind. Chiz Escudero? Hmm, let's all groom him as "not for sale".

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