Monday, July 25, 2005

Let’s get it on!

GMA is clearly in denial. At her SONA, she made no mention of the political crisis she caused on herself and on the country. She said she will continue her economic reforms regardless of the costs. Coming from one with an MS, that means More of the Same programs that she has been imposing on us for five years. And the lady has a PhD too, that means we’ll be buried under programs Piled higher and Deeper. There’s no escape for the Filipino people.

Meanwhile, she is opening the ChaCha debate to escape from the rut she is in. She took the JDV and FVR bait on the parliamentary system. JDV has been ranting on the benefits of the parliamentary system in Europe, and why the Filipinos go there for jobs. Somebody has to remind him of the US model. The point is the system did not drag us down. It’s the people that run the system that caused all this. Even if we shift to any other system, if it’s led by people like GMA, JDV, Erap, and FVR, we’ll still be in this hellhole. Did the present system make all those loans? Did the present system sign the EPIRA? Did the system make them accept jueteng payoff and call Garci? Did the system overprice public works projects? I don't think so!

If they can convince the people that the new system will replace the greedy, patronage politics that we have, then the people will gladly embrace change. But not if it's clearly to distract us from the real issues. And certainly not before uncovering the truth about Gloria. So, are you ready GMA? Are you ready impeachment/truth commission? Let’s get it on!

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