Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Not a fan but glad they won

I am not a Ginebra fan, but I am happy the Gins and not the Thunders won last night. Yeng is a bad coach (Chua comes a close second). He has all the material and he wastes it. What makes him (and Alfrancis) even worse is that he doesn’t realize his shortcomings and instead blames the referees. Yeng says they’re a come-from-behind team. With the talents he has, they should not be left behind. Even without Miller, they’re the best team, with much to spare in every position.

Red Bull wins big games not because of their talent but because of the failings of their opponents. Art Long’s recent mysterious drop in game form easily comes to mind. Asi also had a dip in game when they met once. The Thunders should start asking what happened to Harp’s game. But they don’t ask, as in Miller’s case. They let go.

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