Friday, May 6, 2016

The truth hurts but it shall set you free

I don't know why there is much anguish from Duterte supporters over the political advertisement paid for by Sen. Trillanes. Their camp hates the ad so much that they got a TRO against its showing. They say kids were used in the ads, that kids have nothing to do with politics, that the use of children in the ad is unethical and immoral.

The Taguig RTC may TRO local TV but there is no TROing Youtube. Find it there before they ask Youtube to take it down too.

Wtf? Duterte might ask. There is also an ad by Pride ACS that uses kids and it continues to run to this day. And no one gives a hoot. It is kind of unethical and immoral too, using the criteria given by Duterturds.

Duterte appears in the Trillanes ad. So it is exposure for him. Trillanes is even paying for Duterte's exposure on TV. What ingrates?!@#$%.

The kids in the ad were not exploited. Hindi naman sila pinalangoy sa dagat ng basura. They were made to ask valid questions. After all, the elections are for their sake most of all.

Are the Duterte acts in the video surreptitiously taken? No! There is no violation of privacy here.

Are the Duterte deeds in the video spliced to take it out of context? Spliced for brevity, maybe. Taken out of context, no! If the full videos are shown, even more of the same context will be known.

Did Duterte apologize for the deeds/things he said in the video? No! He is even proud of them.

So why the fuss? Why stop the ad?

The truth is the truth hurts. The truth embarrasses them. Their idol is an embarrassment.  

First the Duterturds deny that their idol is not presidential. Then they got angry at non-Duterturds and the ad. Soon they will be bargaining and depressed before they accept it. 

We may have to speak slowly or spell it to them, but we have to try. We have to set them free.