Monday, November 18, 2013

Hendricks tapped!

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Imho, the great Georges St-Pierre escaped with a lucky decision in his bout with Johnny Hendricks. The very close split decision, however, is not a blatant robbery. Hendricks could have won if luck smiled his way instead of GSP. Remember, Jon Jones escaped with a similar controversial victory over Gustafson.

If Dana White can live with the Jones win, he should live with this one too. After all, imagine the revenues from the rematch.

Fight fans like me appreciate the candidness and humility displayed by GSP after the fight while many are turned off by the bragadoccio from Hendricks. Contrast this to the grace shown by Gustafsson after his loss. I hope someone can ask Hendricks about the seeming tapout gesture he made early in the fight when GSP almost got him in a guillotine choke.

There is an ongoing survey on whether it was a tap or not. As of this writing, more than 2/3 believe that it was a tap. I think so too.

When GSP hinted in the post-fight interview that he may retire, saying that a lot is going on in his mind, I thought he will out himself. He is single, no children, no steady girlfriend.

Now that would be the biggest controversy of all.

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