Tuesday, October 23, 2012

White hair chronicles - My Back Pages/Knocking on Heaven's Door (The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration)

It's been so long since Bob Dylan's 30th anniversary concert celebration that it itself had its own 20th anniversary last week. In the video above, the greatest assembly of rock legends sing "My Back Pages" and "Knocking on Heaven's Door".

This white hair chronicler finds "My Back Pages" enigmatically ironic. Dylan wrote the song while in his 20's but he talked somehow of losing his romantic idealism. The song might have meant more to the group that sang it in the 30th anniversary as many were pushing 50's or so then. Now the pack probably is "Knocking on Heaven's Door". In fact some of the performers in the concert are now playing their great gig in the sky, Johnny Cash, George Harrison, and some members of The Band.

Whatever doubts Bob Dylan had in his ideals, I'm sure he found them back. He never really lost them, his Victoria's Secret MTV notwithstanding. It just shows he always has his mojo. Bob Dylan and company is timeless. They always "(I) Shall Be Released" and they will stay "Forever Young".

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