Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another miscalculation #CJonTrial

Youtube video published on May 22, 2012 by timmy Mive

It really seemed that CJ was gaining momentum. Public sympathy started to sway in his favor. At one time he was nakakaawa. He claimed he lived a simple life. They had no luxuries, not even an aircon, nor a katulong. Then he became accusing, threatening, maligning others even. JPE allowed this, wala ngang bastusan eh.

It looked he was on the way to acquittal in the public's eye. He dramatically signed a waiver. But curiously, as he read it, he apparently did not include a waiver of RA 6426. It did not escape the ever sharp JPE. The CJ had to say he's adding it in his own handwriting. Though he later said it's already there, one wonders why he did not read it.

When the defense later said that they did not know the contents of CJ's presentation, why did they have blank copies of the waiver to distribute to the congressmen after the CJ mentioned his conditions? Like his school medals, the waiver was fake.

If the CJ lives simply, why did he check in at a suite in Medical City? Mahal dun ah?

The walk out was premeditated, it was not hypoglycemia. The video above shows his wife has stood up and was waiting for him after he said 'the Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines wishes to be excused.' Was he sick? He did not look like it. In fact he was arrogant.

Did the defense know about the walk out? Cuevas was starting to make the manifestation that the CJ has testified for so long and maybe a continuance is in order. But the CJ was too afraid to be cross-examined that he immediately walked out. It was another miscalculation. Cuevas can be heard saying 'akala na discharge na. tawagin mo'.

The daughter, however, did not appear to know the script. She was still on her seat when her parents walked out. The CJ and his wife was already in the basement, not in the lounge, when JPE ordered all exits closed.

What if CJ feigned fainting right there on the witness stand? That would have been most dramatic worthy of an acquittal. Pero matalino ang Diyos. The hypoglycemia excuse was an after thought.

It would have been better had the Senate doors were closed too late. The CJ would have escaped, nabastos ang Senate and the game is over.

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