Thursday, April 19, 2012

House is falling

House, MD, is my favorite TV show. In fact I think it is the best show ever. That's why many are sad that this season will be its last. And like me, many of the fans are even sadder now with the way the last few episodes are turning out bad. At this rate no one will be clamoring for its return.

The departure of Cuddy and 13, the limited exposure of Wilson and Foreman, the uninteresting character Park - there are many to blame. The biggest blame though should go to the uninspired writing.

They have shown 17 episodes of season 8 so far. The only good ones were episode 1, the Nobody's Fault episode (11), and the Chase episode (12). The rest are a letdown. The writers can't even get their story right. Park is supposed to have a Filipina mother but when they showed her mother, she looked Korean.

I hope they step up in the remaining episodes. This is not the way for a great show to go. Come on writers, make us miss the show.

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