Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's more fun in the Philippines!

As soon as they released the new tourism slogan "It's more fun in the Philippines", doubters of our fellow Pinoys' originality immediately scoured the web for hints of what inspired it. Thanks to Google, critics are quickly led to vintage tourism posters from Switzerland.

And again accusations of plagiarism flew. But unlike in the Pilipinas Kay Ganda/Polska travel ad fiasco, I think this one is forgivable. Visually, it is not even close to the original posters, although admittedly, the same concept is used. Besides, the old Swiss posters are over 60 years old. If you search farther back, you will find an older (circa 1926) Swiss ad poster that says "In the Alps". Our tourism office could have channeled that into "In the Apo".

Definitely, the tourism officials/consultants could have been more creative. "It's More Fun in the Philippines", or IMF-Philippines. Could it be a Freudian slip or a subliminal message that the IMF controls the Philippines. Many will not disagree.

To the economists it could mean the International Monetary Fund. Movie buffs could mean the Impossible Mission Force.

The kidnap victims wish they'd be rescued by the IMF, while the IMF wish they could rescue the country.

The hostage thinks "I M F*cked in the Philippines".

The tourism department could also use the campaign "Come, there are MILF in the Philippines!" and I'm sure many will come.

But wait, we can still salvage the IMF franchise. We can refurbish it to say "Come, IMF* in the Philippines!" and I'm sure many will come.

Onli in da Pilipins! Ahh, that could have been the better campaign slogan.
*In My Face

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