Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When in Lucena...

My three day working trip to Lucena went well. Although there is already an SM mall here, I think the city is still untarnished my urban amenities, making my trip here a welcome respite from the city sights.

Going to Lucena, one can take the wifi-enabled bus. Yes, there is such a thing - the JAC Liner on Kamias, Quezon City. The wifi can take off some of the boredom of the four hour bus ride.

While in Lucena, you can stay at Star Garden Tower Hotel. There are other bigger hotels but this cozy setup along Quezon Avenue is within the vicinity of most other places of interest in the city.

One must try Buddy's. Their specialties are the noted pancit lucban and longganisang lucban. Aside from these two staples the restaurant also offers an eclectic menu ranging from pizza to chicken barbecue.

There are the ubiquitous McDonald's and Jollibees, but still to invade this peaceful city are the coffee shops and pizza inns. Instead, Lucena is also home to Zymurgy Cafe. The Lucena young crowd frequent this thriving shop. Their specialty is the spicy ribs, which comes in varying degrees of hotness ranging from 1 to 9. I thought of going for the 9, but my dinner companion who hails from Bicol went for the 5. I thought if someone from Bicol takes 5, it is best to be modest and also take a 5.

The spicy ribs no. 5 was very good. But I feel I could go for no. 9. That's what I'll have next time.

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