Saturday, March 26, 2011

Truly the most gullible people in the world

The is obviously a parody blog site. In its own little way it manages to give a big stinging bite. The short, light-hearted posts (it's a tumblr site, a microblog platform) merit a long thought and hit their target heavily.

One of its posts claims that a Harvard study ranks the Philippines first among the world’s most gullible races.

Now, do we really need a study to verify that? Undoubtedly not.

Proof positive that we indeed are the most gullible race is Ms. Carmen Pedrosa, a Philippine Star opinion column writer. She picked up the mosquitopress post and opined that "...we better take it seriously. ...We are gullible because we are not able or do not question information. We prefer to believe what other persons tell us."

Congrats, Hahaha.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When in Lucena...

My three day working trip to Lucena went well. Although there is already an SM mall here, I think the city is still untarnished my urban amenities, making my trip here a welcome respite from the city sights.

Going to Lucena, one can take the wifi-enabled bus. Yes, there is such a thing - the JAC Liner on Kamias, Quezon City. The wifi can take off some of the boredom of the four hour bus ride.

While in Lucena, you can stay at Star Garden Tower Hotel. There are other bigger hotels but this cozy setup along Quezon Avenue is within the vicinity of most other places of interest in the city.

One must try Buddy's. Their specialties are the noted pancit lucban and longganisang lucban. Aside from these two staples the restaurant also offers an eclectic menu ranging from pizza to chicken barbecue.

There are the ubiquitous McDonald's and Jollibees, but still to invade this peaceful city are the coffee shops and pizza inns. Instead, Lucena is also home to Zymurgy Cafe. The Lucena young crowd frequent this thriving shop. Their specialty is the spicy ribs, which comes in varying degrees of hotness ranging from 1 to 9. I thought of going for the 9, but my dinner companion who hails from Bicol went for the 5. I thought if someone from Bicol takes 5, it is best to be modest and also take a 5.

The spicy ribs no. 5 was very good. But I feel I could go for no. 9. That's what I'll have next time.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

White hair chronicles LXI - Amparo Munoz

In the '70s I was a young student at a government-run school. We were made to line up along Quezon Avenue in Diliman to wave and cheer at a motorcade of Miss Universe contestants. So, very early on I was part of the hakot brigade. Instantly I liked two contestants, Miss Finland (Joanna Raunio) and Miss Spain (Amparo Munoz). So, very early on I had an eye for beauty and I knew I preferred tisays. And back then, I knew how to pick winners. Miss Finland went on to win runner-up honors to the eventual Miss Universe, Miss Spain. My concept of beauty has changed over the years, but the two beauties are still etched in my mind.

Miss Finland made a movie here in the '70s where she played a mermaid. Nerds back then had cheap thrills at the quick side breast glances and the inevitable nip exposures. After her brief local movie career, nothing much was heard of her.

But Miss Spain always stayed in my generation's consciousness. The Internet helped a lot in that. She usually crops up in the news because of her nude movie appearances and the apparent sad life she lived after being Miss Universe.

This white haired chronicler is once again reminded of Miss Spain Amparo Munoz because she died last Sunday, February 27. May she rest in peace.