Wednesday, November 3, 2010

White hair chronicles XXXV - Wellness is in, all for a happy ending

I had some quick local travels to various destinations these past few weeks. I noticed some peculiarities which I didn't notice in the places I've been to before. For instance, Tacloban now implements jaywalking laws and I think it has the most number of drugstores per capita. Tuguegarao must have the highest density of tricycles in the country. Cebu is open to businesses that Mayor Lim enjoys closing. Legazpi, a very clean city like Palawan, has many unabashed tricycle drivers/pimps.

A common denominator in all these cities is the apparent wellness (read: massage/spa) boom everywhere. I saw many establishments have sprouted all over the country. A friend has even taken a new short-lived career as a manager of one of these services in Metro Manila.

I think no city beats Dagupan city in this aspect. I saw at least a spa/massage clinic in every block in downtown Dagupan. And they are fully booked well into the night. That's a sharp contrast with General Santos City. Sure there are massage/spas around but they don't have the level of activity as in the other cities.

It's been a generation since the initial massage business boom back in the college days of this white hair chronicler. The industry now has taken a more professional tack. There is no more stigma in being spotted within the vicinity of Lighthauz, Emerald, Maalikaya, Crown, Macho and the like. This white hair chronicler and his generation indeed truly need the soothing experience the wellness spas offer. A happy ending is still welcome.

Now, that's a good business name. Happy Ending Massage Parlor - HEMP. ;)

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