Monday, November 15, 2010

Pacman gobbles up the Tijuana Tornado

As expected, Manny Pacquiao won over Antonio Margarito, despite giving up 17 pounds in weight, 5 inches in height, and 6 inches in reach. Margarito is the biggest opponent Pacman ever faced, while Pacman is the smallest Margarito opponent in 15 years. The sportscasters who covered the fight never ran out of superlatives in talking about our sports hero. This should goad the egoistic Mayweather into accepting a fight.

The victory will be the talk of the town for at least a week. We will be discussing not just the boxing win per se since the Pacquiao phenomenon transcends over many aspects of Filipino life. Pacman's interest in show business, other sports, product endorsements, and politics mean Filipinos will be talking about many other highlights of the fight.

- The inclusion of politicians in his entourage leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Panira talaga ng eksena pag kasama ang may sabit.
I saw an overly excited Kenneth Duremdes waving a flag in the crowd.
-  Dr. Belo is doing a tremendous job on Jinkee. She now looks prettier than her identical twin sister.
- The singer who sang the Philippine national anthem was doing it right until the last 2 words, but I'm nitpicking.
- Still the surest way to make men stand erect is make voluptuous blondes wearing pekpek shorts sing the national anthem.
- Margarito's son looked nervous before the fight but his parents were beaming. Perhaps he knows what happened to Pac's previous victims. His parents surely know what 3 million dollars is.
- Pacman may have indicated that he is losing interest in boxing. He did not go for the knockout and said they are not there to kill each other. What happened to the killer's instinct that Pacman fans knew?
- Pacman is a big loser from the appreciation of the peso. His 20 million dollar purse is now effectively 40 million pesos lower. But it is still like winning the biggest lotto jackpot ever twice over.
-Pacman is the man! Unlike before the Barrera fight when nobody, even Michael Buffer, cannot pronounce Pacquiao, everybody knows how to say Pacquiao.
some photos from Yahoo

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