Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pacman gobbles up the money too!

While many Pinoys queue up in snake lines to chase the 450+ million peso lotto dream, Pacman, in pocketing $20M, earned an equivalent to TWICE that jackpot in his latest fight. He even got shortchanged by PhP40M because of the rise of the peso. And he did that by beating up a known cheater who ridiculed his friend and trainer's illness. Talk about being paid handsomely while getting revenge.

The only sensible fight for Manny now is against Mayweather. There is no use in fighting an even bigger guy next. Who could that be? Sergio Martinez?  Paul Williams? or Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.? Shane Mosley? I think Chavez Jr. is too green but he makes up for it by being huge. And his being a another Mexican can make the fight very marketable.

Or, Pacman can fight the welterweights again. Perhaps they should have a derby like the middleweight super 6 to determine the next Pac opponent. Berto, Alexander, Bradley, etc. should participate.

A Mayweather fight may not materialize. Just yesterday, Floyd had another run in with the law. Meanwhile, Pacman's star power has reached the TMZ. The gossip website carried a story about his injuries in the Marg fight. The website had earlier posted a video of Manny's star power when he was mobbed by fans at LAX.

Here are screen caps from his recent fight. The man in blue Pacman shirt looks like Kenneth Duremdes. In the next picture, the lady beside Jinkee looks like Dra. Belo. Then in the last photos, we see the smile on Marg's wife turn to a concerned look before the fight ends.

Update: There are those who think that this is the best time for Manny to hang his gloves and quit sport altogether. He is on top of his game, his legacy and body are well intact. There is a Facebook fan page set up for those who think so too. Visit the page and click on like if you share the same opinion.

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